Sort of not really. The music therapist at my moms school quite, so her boss asked if I would play and sing for the kids (their special needs kids) I dont have any siblings their age, so im not to sure what songs are cool for them, like, naked brothers band and what not.

Anyone have younger siblings that just love that kind of music, that might give me some ideas?
your mom is a sped kid?
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Yeah, how old are they?
I played the Camp Fire Song from Spongebob to entertain my younger cousins. The age range was 4-9 No one complained. If you're man enough, try the Jonas Brothers.
If you get really into it, you should definitely consider Berklee's Music Therapy major. It's top notch.

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It varies,8-12 their elementary school kids. And no, my moms not sped. She teaches it. The kids are sped.
maybe you could ask them if they know any bands you could also probably play anything from guitar hero games