So, my friend sent me some piano music sheets to a song she really likes. Sadly, she has no piano, and can't practice or teach herself how to play (SAAADNESSS). I thought it would be nice to arrange the song and teach her how to play on guitar instead, as she has just gotten into it. Turns out, guitar is chick magnet hahaha. I was wondering if the people who have experience arranging music can give me some tips (the steps you generally take) or maybe even take a look and give me some advice with the piece.

I can get the melody by ear quite easily, however, adding to it so that it won't sound so bland is really hard.

I'm wondering if I should try and figure out chords and then just finger pick. I forgot the right word...chord something - adding on stuff?? Jeez, those all nighters have really f**ked my brain.

Anyways, either figure out chords or just continue tabbing out the melody and (OMG THAT WORD AGAIN, TIP OF MY TONGUE!!) trying out notes in the scale that sounds nice with it.

Seriously need help!

The link is to the youtube video showing how to play the song w/ music sheet

Key of b major? Capo on 2? (sounds fine to me)

So yeah, have at me you pros!
capo on 2 if your gonna use 5th string as your root.. but i personally don't think its necessary.
What kind of a sound are you going for.
are you gonna play the melody or the bass line, or both?

Teach her the melody and you play the chords..
or the other way around.
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chord embellishment is the word you're looking for.

And yea, take the melody and hit a respective triad where it is accented. The note wouldn't always have to be the root of the triad, either. Then you can use the other notes in the triads to sort of lead into the next notes or let them ring to go into the next triads.

There's so much more you can do besides that, but that would be a fairly easy thing to do.
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