This is my first song that i've writen on guitar pro.

Tell me what you think, please.

Nothing wrong with constructive criticism.

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You want me to believe this is your first actual song?
Well, perhaps it's possible it's your first on guitar pro.

I like it alot, it's got very smooth transitions and the intro is very delicate, and the main riff (with the third harmonies in the rhythm and the triplet diddle at the end), is really nice.

Oh, and the climax and the guitar solo are quite wicked too!

Overall, a great job.
I'd love if you added a vocal line, though! And gave it a catchy title.

thanks dude!

i've actually had that made little guitar riff stuck in my head for like months

i just found the time to work out all the other parts

but yeah, i thought the song sounded sweet
Very good


Nothing to crit
Melodic and nice structured
End it^^
Add a good solo

Crit the last song in my sig plz
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Its a very solid song, but I think if you tweaked it ever so slightly it might make it that much better. Also, it's really very short, which isnt always a bad thing, but I think you could have added so much more to it.