So I had my first lesson at a local guitar store and I have a few questions. Here is basically what we went over.

Chords: C / Am / Em / G and the variants of those such as Cmaj 7th Cadd9, Asus2 etc but focused on C / Am / Em.

He wanted me to do a basic song with those three chords of C x4 Am x4 Em x8 but also wanted me to explore adding single notes in the Em Scale. Im having trouble adding the notes within the scale and making it sound right could anyone give any suggestions?
I thought I posted in the wrong category. So I thought I would correct myself but guess I was wrong. Thanks
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Break down each chord.
Am - A C E
C - C E G
Em - E G B
G - G B D

Over each chord, try to use these notes as your main notes. Don't be afraid to use other notes of the scale though:

E F# G A B C D E

Yes. The neat thing is that, depending on what note(s) you play over the chord, you can really color it in a variety of ways. For example, playing an F# over Gmaj would essentially "change" the chord to Gmaj7. Similarly, you could play an A over the same chord (Gmaj) an octave above it's root and give it an add9 quality. Experiment a bit. Stick with simple things for now.
It's a beautiful thing.
That's why it's not likely the human race will ever run out of ideas in music.