Whats an easier zeppelin song to play. Solo included. I've been playing about 3 years probably around 2-3 hours a day on average if it helps.
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At three years you should be able to play any Zepp solo. Try Since I've Been Loving You. Awesome song and the solo's aren't all that hard. I can get a great Zepp tone out of my V18 with a BD-2. The Muff should work pretty well too.
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Living Loving Maid is pretty easy. But with bands like Zeppelin, it's not the technical difficulty, it's trying to get the right feel that kills you.
well i play zeppelin, been playing for 3 years and play 2-3 hours a day also, i play mostly whatevers fun. what all zeppelin songs do you know already?

EDIT: just learn your favorite zep song there all pretty easy
I've been playing a year and the only thing I can't play yet are the solos, but any song would be pretty easy.

I just gotta work on my soloing
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WTF! Stairway is hard....took me a ****in year to learn that....get off of your goddamn pedestals.
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Go for Whole Lotta love, Simple yet effective.
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Yeah most Zeppelin songs are pretty easy if you've played 3 years. My tip is pick the ones you like the most and go from there.
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trust me took me 3 hours home alone to tab the entire song
(all three guitars)
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WTF! Stairway is hard....took me a ****in year to learn that....get off of your goddamn pedestals.

I learned all the sections of Stairway pretty quickly...

...I still haven't learned what order all the bits go in yet
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Whole Lotta Love
Livin Lovin Maid (one of the most kickass songs evers)
We're Gonna Groove
Black Dog
Song Remains the Same
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Go for Whole Lotta love, Simple yet effective.

My favourite.

Play it, it's cool