A really good metalcore/deathcore band. They do the southern thing, but mix it with more of a standard deathcore feel. They're a bit heavy on breakdowns for my liking and most of you guys' liking, but they're good.
they are good . to be honest i was expecting worse, thanks!
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So was listening to Elysia's deathcore stuff in my car. and every time there was a bass boom my speakers would just make sounds like the fireworks at the end of levels in Mario Bros. So I cranked it.
resurrecting a dead thread. these guys just put up a new song that I went in the studio with them to help out with gang vocals for. Things are picking up for them lately and they have some sweet **** to announce in the near future
They don't sound bad. I noticed they're playing a show in Raleigh with Knives Exchanging Hands and Knights of the Abyss, but I'll be at the beach that day. Oh well.
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I've gotta be honest; I was pleasantly surprised. Not terrible. And the vox weren't double tracked like all of these bands usually are. Nice.
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