Hey all,

I'm heading to Japan in a few months, and was planning to spend about a grand or a bit more (Aussie dollars) on a new guitar. At the time of deciding, the exchange rate was basically 100 yen to the dollar, which allowed me to look at guitars such as the following.

http://www.espguitars.co.jp/edwards/hr/E-HR-125E.html (seems to sell for about 100k flat despite the manufacturer's site's price)

http://www.guitarjapan.com/jackson/spec/sl-j2be.html (the one with the EMGs)

Basically, both these guitars have pretty much the feature sets I'm looking for. Neck-through, strings-thru body, EMGs (although this is probably flexible), etc.

Since the exchange rate went to shit (about 65 yen to the dollar), I started looking locally, because Japanese guitars are now much more expensive. I can get a Dean Vendetta 4 for about $1200 I think, but that's about all I can find here that really has what I'm after.

So basically, what else is available in Australia that would suit me, or would I just be better off looking in Japan for something else? And does anyone have opinions/experience with the Dean Vendetta 4.0? It looks mighty pretty, but I want to know that it's a good instrument too.
To be honest whichever way you look at it, it is a bad time to buy a guitar right now. But if you like Explorers with a floyd rose and emgs you can get an Epiphone Propecy Futura FX for $1200 at Gallins at the moment.


Also Billy Hyde have a load of Shecters in your price range which might be more your thing?