Hey guys!

Time to move this awesome guitar on....I love it, but I just don't play the 7 string enough as compared to my 6s to justify keeping it.

Guitar is in great condition, with only few belt buckle scratches on the back. Nothing into the wood or even through the finish...just some surface scratches that can probably be buffed out.

Guitar comes with the schecter hardshell case, whammy bar, and the remainder of the strings I have for it (6 sets or so). This is the floyd rose model.

Price is $800 shipped and paypalled.

PM me with any questions or interest!

Thanks much!

This is the only Schecter I've ever wanted and still want. If I had $800 bones I drop it on this right now,, but I don't ,,, good price for this too,, one day I'll have one.
No I do not at the moment....if someone is seriously interested, I can get a hold of a camera and snap a few, but I don't have a camera around at the moment.

Here's the guitar:

Thanks for the interest!