I do not know if this belongs in a blog, but here is one long ass story. the story of my life.

Ok it started out in sixth grade, when i had fallen for a girl, and i finally got enough balls to ask her out, she did, and we went out for a year, and suddenly broke up for a reason im still not sure of,( im in 9th grade) ok so during that period of time, i was one of those "hardcore rap fans" aka wiggers, but not really. ok the truth is i only listened to rap cuz thats wat everyone was listening to. but what i really liked were the songs with rock in it, like lets go, thats one crazy ass song, ok back to the story. ok yeah it was a pathetic relationship i have to say, we never made out, and we only went out with each other like 1- 4 times a month. yeah so she broke up with me in the beginning of the 7th grade, and yeah that is when i became a pervert. that whole year i made a name of myself as the grades pervert, evrything i said, i did, i mean everything, had to do with something sexual. i was a pretty cool kid, like a hung out with a lot of people, and did shit, exspeacailly when i brought in porn to school on my Zune. yeah so i made alot of friends, but then i did something totally ****ing stupid which changed everything. my step sister, who is a bitch and a slut, was really pissing me off. so i went around spreading rumors telling she got fingered by her boyfriend, and she was a slut, i got out of it for atleast 3 months and then they finally caught me, and i got grounded for 6 months from everything. it sucked. i didnt want to do it again, so i stopped being pervert right then and there and became friends with some poeople who liked rock. since i was friends with them, i decided to listen to rock too. but this time, rock was a way to let go, something u can just get all the anger out of you something to be happy about. so yeah my favorite band was sum 41, then sublime, and then eventually hair bands, like g n r and iron maiden. alright so i think we r in 8th grade and im havin a party, and once a ****ing gain i ****ed up, and got into trouble and got grounded again. ok so then later on, i got pissed off one day, and i mean pissed off, so i go to my baseball practice and there is this fat load there named frank, who i hated, he takes my ball and throws it into the woods, i stare at him for a minute, and go and pick up the ball, i come bac and throw the ball at him, mising on purpose, and walk straight up to him, then i stared at him, and threw a punch at his face, and of course he blocked it, (if ur ever in a fight, go for the stomach first then the head) ok so then we get into a fight, and we stop, i see he is bleeding in the mouth, and i broke his glasses, so i decide to stop, i got suspended for a game and yeah thats the end of that. ok after that everything was the same untill summer came along, and all i did was play xbox 360, nonstop, which i really friggan regret, ill get to that in a sec. so yeah my dad was pissed at me everyday for doing that, and i really regret not doing anything with friends or girls. so yeah it came to the beginning of 9th grade and i was always depressed, not suicidal, though, and yeah it came up to the homecoming dance. the first time i ever grinded someone nd it was nice, although i was used piss off my brother. ok now one of my best friends sister was really really really hot, and i found that out a year ago, when i was over his house and i saw apicture of her. so at the dance me and him were hanging out and i was like ben, ur sisters hot,(she was wearing a really short black dress) and he is like ok, lets go dance with her and her friends, she was a wicked hot junor, and i was intimidated and scared so i didnt go. ok so i kept putting off asking her and then i finally did, and it was the greatest moment of my life. so now i enjoy talking to girls and stuff and i really regret doing nothing over the summer, so i suggest to u all, if u ever stop socializing with girls, or just people, don't, u begin to miss out on the best opprotunities in life, yeah so my whole summer was a screw up and i dont want anyone to go through it. just live life and dont become, anti social, its the worst thing that can happen to you. so to all u anti-social people, get off ur ass and go hang out with people and live life.

Make it a blog.

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