I've been playing this Peavey for over a year. Never had the post gain over 3-4 while playing at the house and never had a problem. But after I started jamming with a drummer and I would have to crank it to 8-10. While I was jamming the amp would cut out for a second and come right back. I thought it might be over heating so I put a fan to the back of it but nothing changed. It happens about every 5-10 minutes I'm guessing, maybe longer.

We haven't jammed in over a month but it's gotten more persistent. It's cutting out at 2-3 now when before I would only notice it at higher gain levels.

It's really quite ****ing annoying and I'm afraid I'm going to blow it. I love this amp and really want it to last for my practice amp when I get my half stack.

Any ideas?

I just remembered that before I ever jammed with the drummer I let my friend borrow it for her wedding for the keyboard. I set it up for them and told them to not touch anything except the volume. I got it back and all my settings were ****ed. My gains were maxed. It still played fine so I didn't think anything of it, but now I'm wondering if that's what is causing this shit.
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keyboard huh?

well, i'm not an expert on this stuff but it is really hard to diagnose an amp with solid state circuitry. I guess you could try to change the speaker. Really not sure if it is worth fixing. I saw/responded to your other 'which amp' thread. What kind of music do you play? I think you need to forget it and move on to new amp....I gave you some killer things to go look at.
Try running a pedal with gain control or multifx into the FX return. That will bypass the preamp. If it stops cutting out then your narrowed it to the preamp. It it does cut out then it's in the poweramp or speaker.