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Hurt Or Heal?
Hurt - 50 times

Shouldn't this be in a hardcore artists thread?
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Electric Wizard... off the top of my head. It has to be heavy, as in slow, lurching and leaden. Also, heavy in the old sense, downer music.
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The Eagles of Death Metal; Br00tal Death Metal at it's finest.

pfft. They're not that heavy
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UG Challenge

Hannah Montana.

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The Nightwatchman
"you don't have to be loud son, to be heavy as shit!"

hell yeah, man. i dont agree w/his political views, but his music is the heaviest...
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Who said I was being sarcastic?

So they DID bring the brutal?
Purple string dampener scrunchy.
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Karen Carpenter?

She weighed about 20 pounds when she died

WHAT THE ****?!
Purple string dampener scrunchy.
cryptopsy or meshuggah. something about tomas haake can make any band the heaviest band ever
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check them

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meshuggah maybe?

an unsaturated fattylolcid.
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That's heavy


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