I play extreme metal, with lots of downpicking, trem picking, and all that good stuff.

My picking arm has been hurting a lot while playing, to the point where i can't make it all the way through some of the faster paced songs. It hurts mostly in my wrist and up towards my elbow.

My whole arm on my fretting hand hurts sometimes on songs with lots power chords in rapid succession. My wrist is sore sometimes too, but i don't notice it until I put my hand down, off of the neck, and try to move it.

Can anyone help me out here?
1:Carpal tunnel?

2:Check in with your doctor, tell him what you do, maybe he has suggestions?

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Learn to relax more.

Your muscles are hurting because they are being tensed for long periods of time.

Just focus on keeping both arms relaxed while playing and you should see an improvement.
yea dude, definitely try to relax. all the tension in the long run will run hell on your joints, as well as it just makes you play slower and less accurately.

funniest thing i get when i play extreme stuff is tension in my face. i've learned to relax my arms and fingers a lot when i play but now i take the tension out in my jaw by clenching my teeth. lol
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