OH you cheater, Auto-TUNE TSK TSK! its pretty noticeable to me, probly not others. but i still like it. the vocals sit kind of loud in your mix. funny, ben hates the song skin. he refuses to sing it live cause its a poppy song he wrote for the record label lol..... practice singing more. less autotune. haha.
Well Enough Alone
travisftw - thank you

guitardude11 - haha yeah you caught me. i used it pretty sparingly though. you can't really get away with using auto tune and having a bad voice though. Either everything jumps around it sounds horrible, or you sound very robotic like your using a talk box. I guess if you use the graph editor it could, but i dont use the graph editor. I just used it to touch up a bit.
Also, I know about Ben's hatred of skin. I happen to like it though, in fact, there isnt one BB song that i don't like.
Yeah, that autotune jumps out to me now that guitardude pointed it out, but you're right, it was pretty much sparingly.
It really reminded me of how much i used to like nirvana.

Your guitar jumps out a bit too much in the mix at times. mostly only when you're doing the verses though.
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