My peavey valveking lately has been making alot of wierd noises.. Like a popping watery sound. (Imagein plugging your ears and that sounds you hear is what im getting through my amp, like a watery running sound)

any ideas on whats up?
I'd guess that, or possibly just a problem with your guitar cable, or guitar's input jack. Try a different cable or guitar, and see what happens. If the sound goes away with the cable, walla! Its the cable. Sound goes away with different guitar, walla! Input jack on guitar.
Sound doesn't go away... amp.
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yeah ive tried changing inputs/cables and guitar... it did this before then stopped randomly so i didnt think anything of it.. lately its started again and gotten alot louder
do you have anyway to record and post this watery popping sound to your profile clips?

what happens when you crank everything up? Have you made any changes to amp or tube pulling? I ask, cause I swapped some of my preamp tubes around and didn't seat one properly and got all kinds of hell.

doesn't really sound like a power tube problem.

all pedals out of mix and sure on guitar, cables, etc being good?
i have class at 2, but ill try posting once i get home...

and no i havent changed anything, everything is stock... ill retry my cables and such once i get home