Hellooo... I'm hoping to go on a trip to the big city to buy an Epi G-400 Custom soon but I have some questions...
How does the third center pickup fair when playing (especially fingerpicking)?
Does the gold coating on the pickups last a good long time or flake off in a couple years?
I play sitting down 98.3% of the time and was wondering if it is still comfy because it doesn't have the cut-away in the back for you to rest on.
How does she souuuund? My friend lent me his Yamaha SG500 so that I could see if I liked the feel of an SG (Absolutely love it, feels amazing), and I can't get over how amazing the SG500 sounds. Haha, and he thinks I should just buy his guitar for $250 instead of spending the $450 on an Epi.

First pic- What guitar is this? I saved it onto my PC from a forum a couple weeks ago and I cannot find the thread again. This guitar looks so sexy.

Second pic- Friends Yam SG500


first pic to me just looks like a Gibson SG. Not sure of the year, somebody correct me if im wrong here...I know the years of SG's often have to do with the number of pickgaurd screws, I just dont remember what it is.
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The bottom one looks more like a DC les paul to me...
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This one went for $300 (in 2007) and had gold machinery and was in good condition.

My friends has the absolute crap scratched and chipped out of the back. 3-way switch is crooked, and one of the volume knobs is wiggly.

It still sounds damn nice, so thanks for suggesting it, but I hope to find something that sounds/plays close to it but is in better condition.