It's a Randy Rhoads lick. I found it much easier to tap the lick, but I wanna do it like the real master does.

Anyway, which fingers would you "lift" to keep 2 strings from ringing at the same time?
I've seen people holding their fingers pressed down on the 15 and 13, without moving them at all. Won't this cause both strings to ring simultaneously?

Sorry, I'm not good at formulating my questions. It's 6:40 in the morning, anyway...
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first finger on 13, pinky on 17, ring finger on 15

kinda palm mute with right hand while picking

if youre man enough!
I would get the note on the 17th fret with my pinky, pull-off to my index finger, which is also barring the B string, then get the note on the 15th fret,(using an upstroke), with my 3rd finger.
People do leave their fingers there, however the E string is muted by the underside of the finger fretting the note on the B string.
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