Great work.... The bends are little out of tune at times but you've got most of it down really well...I didn't like your tone all that much [then again my tone sucks balls]... Real nice playing at times... Overall it's a great take on this tune... Well Done.


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Great guitar man. I wish I have one too. Anyways, great playing. What gears are you using? Reverb is too much for me but you got a nice tone. Bends are off like they said but a little practice then you'll get it.


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First of all this sounds great. I really think you did a good job for the post part. I noticed thought that the wah pedal sounds off in a couple places. Like you rocked it back where it shouldn't have been. Not too noticeable though. Like others said, the bending isn't so great, but what you could have done to at least cover it a little is to get a wider vibrato, I noticed yours isn't to pronounced or strong. The delay works for the slower parts, but whenever you play even a little faster, it muddies up and makes you sound sloppier than you really are.

Besides the ****ty microphone, I can tell your tone sounds pretty decent. Its nice, compressed and warm. Overall decent job.

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