Honest discussion, has guitar had a POSITIVE or NEGATIVE affect on your life. Also note your age/ how long you've been playing

I am 17 have been playing since I was 12 ~3-12 hours a day. Every day.



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                        Through guitar I got closer to my bassist ... Who is now one of the best friends one could possibly wish for ... That's worth more to me then the guitar itself and the chicks I'm (supposibly) supposed to get.

                        And hmmyeh i guess it made me more outgoing and selfsecured.
                        I'm 17, been playing for almost 2 years.


                        - Pipe dreams
                        - Showing Off
                        - Epic points with the chickadoodles
                        - You get known for something


                        - If you can't play a song that three people know, you suck
                        - If you're told to play some shitty techno song which has a solo with three notes in it, which you considered burning the artist of, and then you come back to earth and realise that you can't play that song and you get epically flamed.

                        Aside from that, I love playing guitar.
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                        Well for me I moved from video games (Not Guitar Hero!) to guitar and now I haven't got that much in common with my friends.

                        To make it worse, all my friends where used to live, play guitar now. which sucks because I wanna be in a band.

                        Edit: Sorry, I'm 16, Been playing year & a half. maybe 3-6 hours a day.
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                        And I've eaten at some of Australia's best pizzerias.

                        . com / fancy-elle

                        Music appreciation. Ugh, Nickelback used to be my favorite band.
                        Gives me something to do.
                        Gives me dreams of something I could do.
                        Valuable skill to learn/Impress people.


                        Sometimes it takes up too much time.
                        I have yet to score with the ladies. Needz more practice.
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                        Music appreciation. Ugh, Nickelback used to be my favorite band.
                        Gives me something to do.
                        Gives me dreams of something I could do.
                        Valuable skill to learn/Impress people.


                        Sometimes it takes up too much time.
                        I have yet to score with the ladies. Needz more practice.

                        But ive have never ever liked Nickelback, and 2 years for me.

                        EDIT: 3 years if you count when I got my first guitar and was afraid to touch it...
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                        EDIT: 3 years if you count when I got my first guitar and was afraid to touch it...

                        Aha. Same here man, same here.
                        Got me laid...a lot. **** personality, learn to play guitar.
                        Express myself in music instead of murder
                        Gained tons of friends through guitar
                        Money from teaching and gigging

                        I'm always broke
                        Spend WAY to much time playing...way to much time
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                        I am 16, been playin' for 5 years and will keep playin' as long as I live.

                        pros: wow... now to think of it, being a teenager musician has really changed my life... a lot of friends, a lot of ambitions/dreams created by inspirations from guitarists/artists/songwriters and just love for music :P

                        cons: NOTHING!
                        15 played about 2 years now (not long at all....)
                        erm practice maybe 1 hour to 2 a day?
                        depends on school work and if i have a band prac (then it can go up to 4-5)
                        most of the pros out lined above
                        cons feel like/look like shit when you get beaten by a long shot (admit it it feels like crap when another guitarists tops you by miles) but thats also a good thing as it teaches you humility and you can learn from them
                        sore fingers when you start
                        i dont regret the time its time well spent
                        money is always an issue
                        Pull my finger

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                        Makes your pen0r grow bigger
                        Nothing feels better than finally nailing that solo
                        Non-guitarists thinking you're Dr. Shiznit from something simple like blues noodling
                        Even better...them thinking your Dr. Shiznit, asking who wrote the piece, and saying 'oh, it's just something I came up with the other day'
                        Jamming with other musicians
                        Laughing at skilless idiots who have super-costly equipment because you put the time into making the only guitar you could afford sound awesome


                        Feeling like the fail if you can't nail that solo
                        Not being able to play full volume because of the neighbours
                        Not being able to afford decent gear
                        Lugging amps around if you want to go anywhere aside from your own flat for a decent jam or practice
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                        I write things. You can read them.Essay on UK student riots
                        + On the long run, it probably saved my life after some really hard times.

                        - Sometimes i just dont give a **** everything around me. Family, friends, chicks. I just dont care about them.
                        - It distracts my focus from learning. Im on the edge in my university, i should learn more, however i'm gonna buy my first tube amp so i don't expect to much learning for the oncoming months.
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                        Wow thanks for the feedback, I didn't expect much as mine was kinda just a rant about my crappy life lol.

                        The fact that we spend so much cash on this another good point.

                        Hope it was fun to reflect on how it has affected your life, I'm sure you see now that whether good or bad; it has played a huge part in your life.

                        Keep on posting I shall read them all, I really find them fascinating lol O_o
                        Another con: It is really hard to try and hold your guitar and zip up your pants at the same time.
                        I'm 15 been playing for around 4 hours a day in the begining now slowing down cause of exams and shit.

                        Changed my musical taste
                        Self Confidence
                        Chicks [ :P ]
                        The "buzz" like you put it
                        A place to stand out
                        Lots of competition to enter from school's side
                        Money diversion
                        And ALOT more minor stuff

                        Toomuch time
                        Not being aple to play something correctly
                        I never really thought about it as a pro/con thing.
                        I've been playing a long time. Hasn't killed me yet or caused a divorce so I guess I'll just keep on playing.
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                        21, been playing since i was 18, 3 to 6 hours a day playing

                        -the greatest chickmagnet possible, sometimes surpassing owning a dog or a motorcycle
                        -being good at something, developing a reputation
                        -improved taste in music (i used to like linkin park)
                        -face it, a guy with a guitar is definitely hotter than a guy without a guitar, especially if said guy is skinny and can't do much else besides rock the strings

                        -money money money money money
                        -no gigging opportunities, maybe im not looking hard enough
                        -turned me completely nocturnal, i have to physically remove myself from guitar to get anything done.
                        16, been playing bass for 7 months now. Solid 5-7 hours a day

                        + Going deeper into music theory etc. (knowledge)
                        Appreciation for music
                        Led to me getting into death metal
                        Made plenty of friends

                        - Lost a girlfriend (bassist, what do you expect? )
                        Too much time spent
                        No sleep
                        No money
                        People look down on bass, so I commit murder on a regular bassis <-- c wut i did thar?
                        maybe if you had a
                        suck less

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