I really want to write some techno songs and I have trouble where to start. Should I record the instruments and then use the computer to speed them up? Or where should I start from?

What are you talking about?
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Fruity Loops. Synths. Techno Drum Kit.

Enough said. Thread Closed.
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Fruity Loops and Prescription Narcotics are the 2 main tools you'll need.

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go do some research on:

- electronic music. when you say techno do you actually mean techno? techno is only one genre of electronic music and what you think is techno might actually be house, trance, or something else altogether. you may have some idea of what you're talking about, but based on your first post i don't think you do. check out the 'techno & dance' thread in bands & artists > Other for examples of different styles of EDM.

- electronic music production. 'writing songs' = producing tracks. this may be useful: http://www.nineteeneightyfour.net/tutorials/embasics.pdf

- software/DAWs. fruity loops, cubase, reason, logic, ableton, acid pro, etc.

- VSTs/MIDI/etc.

and if you're really serious, go find forums that are dedicated to electronic music and production, because i guarantee the people on those sorts of sites will give you much better advice than 99% of the people on this forum, including me.
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start with a midi keyboard, and an electric drum kit.
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get a couple of friends to come over and make weird noises on a tape recorder. BAM...techno.
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