Budget: $500
Amp: Vox Valvetronix AD30VT
I'd like something versatile, with nice smooth cleans and loud crunchy distortion(then again who doesn't want that). I play a little bit of metal too, but the main focus would be Hard, Alternative and Classic Rock.
Bands(in no particular order):
Alice in Chains, Radiohead, Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, Pearl Jam, Judas Priest, Iron Maiden, Opeth(just a bit), Hendrix, Incubus, lots more but I think you get the general idea
What I'm Considering:
Epiphone Dot - $460
Agile AL-3100 $500 after shipping($100 Shipping WTF!!!)
ESP LTD EC-256 -$430 (I've heard that ESP are good but never seen, heard or read a review on this Guitar?)
Other Notes:
This will probably be the last guitar I but for a while, with 2 more years of school and possibly law school, so Quality is Key. This also means I'd be willing to go an extra $50 or $100 if the jump in quality is really worth it. But Try and stick close to the $500 as I'm also really poor.
And I live in Canada if that helps.
And I won't have time to try them out for now, and possibly not at all(though hopefully I will).

Sorry for the length, and thanks in advance!
I'd definitely go for the agile out of those 3, as the dot probably can't handle the metal that you might be playing, and i've had some bad experiences with cheap ESP's.
Personally I'd recommend an HSS Highway One strat, but out of what you listed, the Agile, albeit I wouldn't buy one(I never touch anything I can't try before buying). But yeah, if you asked me I'd point you to an HSS Highway One.

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Instead of getting an Epiphone Dot, get an Ibanez Artcore AS73. I heard they're better then the Epi Dots.. and I really want one. They even look better than Epi's and better than Gibson ES-335's (to me)

Plus they're over $100 cheaper than Epiphone Dots.

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Michael Kelly Patriot

Ridiculously underpriced guitars, in my opinion. Great guitar and great value.
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HSS Highway One Strat.

A little out of my price range, so I'd probably be looking at the Standard HSS Start.
Also in the HSS category I was looking at the Ibanez SA260FM . Anyone know anything about that?

But in general I'm concerned about getting any guitar with a trem, just because of pains of keeping them in tune. So is tuning a concern for either of these?
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Ibanez Artcore AS73

I was also looking at this guitar, and while I love that it's only like $350, I though the tone was a little less smooth than the epi dot. And again it has the same problem of will it hold up to a little metal?
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Michael Kelly Patriot

Yeah, thats a really nice guitar. I was checking out the patriot custom , because it's a little cheaper and I need the fret markers
The clean tones were Gorgeous and I love the 2 tapped humbuckers, but everything I heard of the distorted leads(like solos on the high frets) sounded pretty bad.

Anyway, thanks to everyone who posted since I have lots more guitars to consider now, but I've still got a long way to go so any help narrowing(or expanding) my choices would be great