So here i am, stuck with a guitar for about $210, i acually got the money for a Gibson SG Standard, but as i only played for like 3 - 4 months now i feels its abit to much.

So i saw this kinda cheap deal on a site where you get 2 pickups for $150.
"Seymour Duncan SSH JB hot rodded humbucker set"

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Bridge: SH-4 JB

Now to the question, i play alot at home through my Marshall MG15 amp (Aye its crappy but its a homeamp).
And at bandpractice/band gigs we get these all valve amps to play with (something in our city that supports localbands).

Now, will it be an upgrade to put $150 worth of pickups in a guitar for $210?
Or is it just a waste of money?

The guitar body is made out of Alder and the neck is made of Hard Maple with fingerboard out of rosewood, bolt on neck. (SG Shape).

I play diffrent types of music, our new band we are setting up is probally just gonna be som hard-rock / punk band.

if it plays good, its probably worth it.
pickups change the sound of a guitar completely.
but if its a REALLY shitty guitar... buy another one
I know you probably don't want to change your amp but....
It would probably be better to get a small cheap tube amp like the Valve Junior or a Blackheart BH5-112...

But yes, if the guitar plays well, then it would be a good idea to change out the pickups (if you don't like the ones that are in there)

Also before you buy those pickups... what music do you play?
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if it plays ok and feels ok, pickups will go a LONG way
but if its a completely undesirable guitar, throwing money at it will solve nothing

Its that good that i wont buy a new guitar until im good enough to play on a real Gibson SG Standard.

At the moment it feels great, just a few adjustments to the action and the body

The music i play is: Everything from Rock to Punk to Heavy Metal.

AC/DC , Black Sabbath , Megadeth , Metallica , Ebba Grön , Sex Pistols , Motörhead, well you get the point.

Id might buy a Marshall Valvestate 40 for about $190
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According to your profile you are playing through an MG - I'd change your amp, like guitarcam123 said. You can put nice pickups in and it'll make a bit of a difference, but it still won't sound great through an MG, you'd be better of spending the money on a valve amp, it'll give you a better sound now, and there is no way you're going to want to be playing a Gibson SG through an MG!! so you'll want to change your amp at some point anyway.
It's not going to give you $150 worth of improvement - it probably won't change much of anything to be honest. There's far more cost effective things to spend your money on, $150 would buy you a better amp.
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Okey so i decided to keep my stock pickups, i rather buy a new amp.
My max budget to put out on this is probally $250 - 390, could i get a decent amp that will work even when i get a real Gibson SG Standard?.

Ive been lookin on:


But i dont know if i should look on tube amps instead?

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Peavey Classic or Valveking. Both lines are mostly golden, the Classic being much nicer.
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Tube amps are (for most syles) better than solid state. With your budget, you could get a nice valve amp. Like someone said the valve junior is way cheaper than that and has a nice sound. Not particularly versatile bu w/e

You're likely to get better responses in the GG&A forum. Do a post there and you'll get alot of good responses.