A little guidance would be appreciated. Hope it's something simple.

Anyway, after intonating both my ESP LTD and my Epi LP, my high E *always* snaps within just a few minutes of playing with the new intonation. It usually snaps at the saddle, or even come unwound at the bridge itself, leaving just the little ball end to fall out of the end.

My technique - tune the high E to perfect pitch with an electronic tuner, play the 12th fret, and see if its sharp or flat (always been sharp on both guitars so far). Detune the high E about 5 whole steps, just enough to be safely slack. Adjust the saddle as necessary. Tune back to pitch, check 12th fret again, repeat. I can usually get both the open and 12th fret to show a perfect E after a couple rounds. Repeat for the rest of the strings.

Is this proper technique? Am I perhaps stretching the string way too far on both guitars, so maybe I should leave it as just a little sharp instead of trying to get it perfect according to the tuner?

I recently snapped a .10 and even snapped a .12 last night. They were both about a month old. The .10 was on my ESP LTD H-50, and the .12 was tuned to Eb on my Epiphone Les Paul Studio.

Thanks guys,

yes its probably that^

Can i ask how a 'high' E string can come unwound, I think you mean 'low' E string
Yeah, it was wild when it happened earlier. Like the wound part near the ball of the string, that's where it broke. That tells me that I might be overdoing it somewhat, making the string way too long for it to handle. I'd hate to think that both of my saddles are sharp, but that very well could be the case.

A month old, used? thats when i normally change mine anyway. Are you tuning an octave above by accident?
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All you need to is put a small lump of solder over the windings . Stops them coming loose.
^this, and add some graphite (pencil lead) to your contact points (bridge and saddles) to reduce resistance =)

i bet the strings were rusty and broke its happened to me alot and if you have a soft case dont leave it in there it rust strings faster i left one guitar out and one in its case for a week and the one in the soft case had rusty as hell strings on it i was pissed