I have this amp but I barely use it anymore as I just use my 3channel Laney TT50 instead of switching out all the cables to swap between heads..

Is hand built, 1 of a kind. Made from top quality components, 12w all tube, EHX 6v6 power tubes, 12ax7 pre amp and NOS Brimar 5zu4 rectifier tube. Recently re-valved apart from the rectifier and serviced, comes with a spare matched set of power tubes that will drop straight in.

Like I said, I never use it anymore and would rather have the money or a trade towards a resonator or archtop acoustic for some blues slide playing.

Looking for £150 incl postage to UK or offer me trades if you have any resonator or acoustic guitars you might trade, or anything else aswell I guess, doesn't hurt to try.

Lots of pics on my photobucket here..


Although it is loosely based on a Fender champ according to the guy I bought it off, I tend to find it more british sounding. It breaks up early on the volume, about 1/3 and then gets a bit more gainy and responsive the harder you push it.

It has a 'tone' knob but I like it best with that dimed, gives you a real cutting Fendery Roy Buchanan tone with a Tele. Rolling it off a it tames that and it sounds more british again.

The valve rectifier gives it a tiny bit of spongeyness to the attack to my ears aswell, more so at low volumes than high volumes though.

It's hard to describe and I don't have any recording gear anymore to make some sound clips but you're welcome to come and try it and stuff if that's at all possible.