A short piece dedicated to exploring some different tone colours in the rock genre. I tried to throw together something different.

Keyboard, drums, vibraphone and synthesizer are all sped up, because my compositions are too difficult for me to play on the keyboard at full speed.

Guitars are not sped up, however

The song is in the profile

If you like my stuff, I'd be very appreciative if you could crit other works Other songs can be critiqued here:


"I feel sorry for James Blunt, he has to wake up every morning and think 'Ah man, I'm James Blunt'"
Really interesting stuff here, a very in-depth multi-layered piece of music. Im fond of the wacky muse-esque spacey vibe from 1:10 onwards. Im not sure if the soloing over the top really fits the fibe created by the piano parts underneath it however, maybe some bellamy inspired delay or whammy? The first minute of guitar is a lot more suited to the style in my opinion.

The keyboards are wonderful, almost harp like in the intro. Reminds me of the water temple stages on Zelda (if you havnt played zelda this will be redundant to you).

Altogether a very well put together piece of music, thoroughly enjoyed listening to it.
great piece. keyboards really compliment the guitar, although the drums might be better off a bit slowed down. it kind of kills the feel when it goes into a somewhat machinegun-like rhythm.