Hey guys, im new to here.

Is the a forum i could request someone to tab/chord out a song for me?

And ive just written my first song and would like some comments

Im so happy that the place where i get all my chords and tabs has a forum
hey what's up.

tell us about yrself. :]
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yeah mate, head over to the Tab Talk forum, you can request tabs and chords in there
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hi R A W R

it looks like you need a little guidance.

Introductions go here: First post? Want to introduce yourself and say hi? Come on in!

Tab requests can either go in this forum:Tab Talk or use the request function on the main site at the bottom of this page: Tab Requests

be sure to read the announcements and stickied threads in each UG forum you visit before posting there. that will help you understand the rules and procedures for that specific forum.

there is a stickied thread here in the Newbie forum that will help you understand where to post on different topics: Important: New Members FAQ it also has answers to many questions about how to work the control panel and how to get a signature, an avatar, etc. important reading.

good luck and welcome to UG.
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