Well I need a burning porgram that will burn .avi files. And one that doesn't take long. I use Ashampoo and that that bloody an Hour or so. So what should I use?
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try using Nero. not sure if it can burn avi but its pretty fast. if not, just get a convertor and convert your avi into WMV or whatever. theyre not too hard to find. i think i have one somewhere on my comp
to watch as dvd?
if so convertXtoDVD

OH and..
1 hour is fast..
i decoded 5 doctor who episodes @ medium settings to a DVD video and it took 3 hours to convert..its long winded!
convertXtoDVD is a good one to convert your AVI files to DVD files and burn them. Normally takes me about 1 hour (to convert+burn on dvd) the burning lasts about 10mins, converting depends on the movie size.