I swear I saw a "Hair," type, "only," thread, I searched and couldn't find much but a bunch of posts that are similar to this one.

I've been debating for the longest time.
What to do with my hair.
I've had it the same way for a while now.


(Don't lulz @ me, it was to make my gf laugh.)

What I want..is something like this.
(Invalid img)

of course with the second picture i dont have the uber gauges to go along with it or the amazing beard. but. you get what im aiming for.

but I need opinions on whether it'd look decent on me or not. Basically. Just hella short, no hair.

If the pit says no. Im getting it cut like i usually do.
(Like now, but..just shorter, still classified as "long hair, though.)

no laff @ me fer being noob.

Opinions, thanks!
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DON'T do it!! You WILL regret it!!!!!

Works for Mark Tremonti doesn't it!

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looking like that i dont believe you have a girl friend
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But hey what's new. Someone who doesn't even have pictures of themselves up, criticizing soemone else.

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