Poll: The Best Thing On Toast
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12 3%
Strawberry Jam
63 17%
57 15%
Scrambled Egg
65 18%
Baked Beans
33 9%
Other (Please state)
141 38%
Voters: 371.
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The thing is that me and my mate are having a huge debate. We are wondering what is the best thing to have on toast.
Please Help!!!!!
Tuna and cheese with red onion... and ranch dressing.

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eggs and cheese, def. nothing like a sunday morning with 2 pieces of toast some eggs and shredded cheese.

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Definitely Tuna salad.. But that's just a really simple version you could add all kind of stuff as long as it has Tuna on it!
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You dont have peanut butter in the poll? Really? Really? What country are you from?
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PB and Honey. It's AWESOME
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Dude, Nutella is good with or without toast... other than that scrambled eggs, bacon, and shredded Mozzarella FTW!
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Blood spready cheese!
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Raspberry Jam
Cheese and Beans
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Weed Peanut Butter fo sho
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I'm quite suprised rape and blood and semen werent the first answers...


Crunchy peanut butter (smooth if crunchy isnt available)

toast > marmite > cheese

toast > cheese > pickle

toast > marmite > cottage cheese

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Toast. Lightly buttered. Banana slices. Baked Beans.

The sweetness of the banana is complimented perfectly by the tangy bean juice.
Why has no one said Butter yet?????
Toast, soaked soggy in butter is better than orgasm.

Forget all your sophisticated toppings: a good slab of butter is the only thing I would ever put on a slice of toast
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I prefer vegemite myself especially when it nears or goes past its sell by date. Gives it a stronger taste.
butter, with cinnamon and sugar.
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1337 on Toast works perfect
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ummm what about a BLT? I usually make my BLT's with toast.
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i second the blt statement. and cinnamon oatmeal.
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out of your options, strawberry jam, but honey is nice too. i also like just plain butter... or cheese and tomato on toast, put under the grill so the cheese goes all melty ^_^
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Weed butter.
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Egg, with BBQ Sauce. Come on now, aint it great (:
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