So I got this problem thats been around for awhile but I just thought about it. I am having a huge writers block for guitar parts and I dont know what to do to fix it. Most people will say learn something knew, or put down guitar for awhile but I think my problem is a little different.

My issue I think isn't having a good idea or being creative it is complexity. The saying usually goes less is more in terms of solos, but when I try to write stuff to a song period I try too hard to make it complex thinking I can make a catchy riff like mark tremonti or (insert guy here)... And when I do this I over look the 80 other good ideas cause they aren't like them.

How can I break this habbit? obviously stop trying could work but what can help me to stop trying or thinking only complex riffs arethe way to go?
write down/record anything and everything you think up that you think deserves recognition, even if it doesn't fit into what you're writing at the moment, or even if it isn't very complex. When you get stuck, refer to your archive of song/riff/chord ideas and find one that helps.

I must have 200-300 power tab files of stuff that doesn't even get past the first staff. It healps, at least for me.
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Agreed, if you keep an archive of any ideas you come up with then it'll make life easier. Sound recorded is better than written although when you look at it written down you can often find new ways of playing said arrangment. So, something that may not have "fitted" before, could fit.

Many times I've gone back and looked at something Ive tabbed down and forgotten how I've played it- coming up with something totally different due to the timing and beats.
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I find the hardest thing when writing music is to remain patient. Its pretty rare to be able to write out a whole song in one sitting, but once you have somethin that you like its so hard to stop. Whenever I sit there and force something out though, it sounds like total crap.
Its obviously all subjective, but what cures me of that mental block is to put down the guitar and listen to more music. Listen to stuff you wouldn't ever listen to. Then you dont just have the same tired old chords and scales and riffs youre always playing.
The above answers fit into this too I think, let the idea sit in a recording for a while and then go back to it later. Listening to it with a different musical perspective, you might find that something just jumps out at you.
Songwriting is like any other skill, and it can only be developed through practice. Do you want for "inspiration" to make you better at sweep picking? No? Then sit down and practice songwriting.
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It's fine to come up with a simple riff or phrase - if you use that, creating a whole song, weaving complex chord sequences and adventurous tonalities into it just becomes a bit easier.

In one sitting, it'd be easier to transform an AC/DC song into half-decent rock 'n' prog than to write a whole genesis song. Food for thought, that.