Hey there, i've recently bult a strat and it sounds rather nice, but i need to adjust the saddles as they are not right, i can play a G chord and it will sound fine, but if i was to play an A chord it sounds all messed up. just wanting to ask how do i go about doing this. i know i will have to tighten/loosten the screws at the bridge, but i mean how do i know what way i want the saddle to go and how far. Thanks
Do you mean the intonation?
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SETTING INTONATION: from icepoint...
Most electric guitars provide individual string length adjustment for setting intonation. Fine tuning this length insures that your guitar plays in tune all the way up and down the neck.

Using an electronic tuner, tune your guitar to pitch.
One string at a time, play the harmonic at the 12th fret and then play the fretted 12th fret note.
If the fretted note is sharper than the harmonic, increase the string length slightly until both notes register the same on your tuner.
If the fretted note is flat compared to the harmonic shorten the string length slightly until both notes register the same on your tuner.
Repeat the procedure on all strings until the harmonic and the fretted notes are the same.

if you cant get the harmonic then compare the open string to the fretted 12th.
and retune the open string after every screw adjustment.
Check the intonation, you need a decent tuner for this.

tuning the open strings to pitch E A D G B E then play the 12 fret, the notes should be EXACTLY the same, just an octave hugher, the tuner should indicate they are both bang on, not sharp or flat.

If they are not you must adjust the intonation of the saddles (with a philips head screwdriver).

12th Fret Plays Sharp - move the saddle away from the fingerboard
12th Fret Plays Flat - move the saddle closer to the fingerboard

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