I bought it at a musicians garage sale, the company name is ASI, i have tried to do research in the past on the guitar but everything comes up blank. I am asking you guys now...do you have any clue? its called an ASI Sustainiac b/c it has a sustainiac pickup in the neck....i dont have any pics to post of it, but here is a link to my youtube account where you can watch my videos of my playing on the guitar...let me kno if you find anything out.

ASI came out in the early nineties with what they called instruments designed by musicians for musicians or something to that effect.

Audio Sound International is the real name from Indianapolis.
I ended up buying one of their 4X12's and a power amp back in the day cause I was working minimum wage.
The speakers were the worst ever made, but the power amp still works and has never let me down.
They mostly made amps.

From the 90-91 price guide:

AE7S Sustainiac guitar
24 fret rosewood board
alder body
H/S/Sustainer pickups
sustainer on/off switch and mix control
list $599
wow thanks for that info man! i bought my Asi at a garage sale, the musician was selling it for 250, i originally was hesitant b/c i never heard of the brand and i really wanted a fender, but i didnt have the cash for a good fender. i am really happy i ended up taking this guitar home, judging by the price you gave me i got a good deal.

my only complaint with it is that the floyd rose was sooo old that it broke out of my guitar completely in half...which seems to be a common problem with floyd systems over 20 years old. haha. so i just replaced it with a fender bridge replacement...no locking system b/c i hardly ever use the whammy if at all. it works like a charm and hardly ever goes out of tune!