Currently im recording an album and working on the drums, we have setup the drum kit in a house (two story) and we have the drum kit obviously mic'd but also we put a mic in the next room, in the bathroom and half-way up the stair case.

Will that add to the sound and give it a big room sound or that cliche 80's sound?

I've noticed if you attempt something like this it doesnt have that "box" sound that most music now days has and i don't know if thats a good or annoying thing.

Many thanks
I wouldn't put a mic in the next room, especially a bathroom since they tend to have a horrible acoustic. How big is the room you're recording in? Try putting an ambient mic just a few metres away from the drumkit if you have the space
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It's about the size of a small living room, would probably fit a tv and couch with a comfortable distance between the two. I figured the bathroom one would give it a bad sound i'm assuming mainly because of the symbols and how that echos in a bathroom?

I can fit another mic a couple of metres away from the drum kit as well thats a good idea.

Cheers for your help!