check out my new riff/song im working on with my band, you can listen to it from my youtube account....the link is below, the video is called "Train Wreck"


^^all my vids


^^"train wreck"
Hmm... It is good... I think i might nick it

But seriously dude, don't be so up yourself, it isnt THAT good!
its ok...
work on it though!
it seems like it still ahsa long way to go
but yeah its kinda nice n.n
Meh, It's not terrible.

You should add a bit of delay and see what that does.
Flap it and enjoy yourself...

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its ok - but when you post a headline like that you better bring the noise

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I might have liked it more if you weren't a tag spammer on youtube and all up yourself.
Quote by no1joel
I might have liked it more if you weren't a tag spammer on youtube and all up yourself.

Indeed. Also, your -> you're.
Tapping seemed really out of place, but I liked the intro.

OT: Your timing was really off in the Little Wing cover.
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the intro is really good, but the rest of the stuff is pretty meh. do you have to play chords for what I'm guessing is the verse? try find something to pick instead and break out a good chord progression for a refrain.. something other than what you've got right now. I see this as a potential ballad/slower song with a really kickass refrain.
hehe... sometimes these posts backfire on ya. You want people to listen, yes. The thread title caught my interest (if not my wariness too... ) Reading the thread that followed.... I probably won't bother listening. I'm just being set up to be disappointed by the sounds of things.


PS. Bring da Noise!! :rock
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First - You should post these in the Original Recordings section, not the R&R main section.

Second - The song was, ...ok but nothing great. The tapping was quite out of place as stated before.
I know for a fact that I am crazy. And to quote Mr. Horse "No sir, I didn't like it."
sorry guys for the very "up myself" title...idk why i put that up there...i kno my stuff isnt AMAZING! haha. but i find it hard to get ppl to respond actually with criticism on my stuff unless i come off like a complete D-BAG...that way ppl are more likely to respond and give me some help i need on my playing...sorry, im not a real jacka**.
but thank you guys who are actually giving me some criticism instead of just saying "you suck"

rasker, thanks man, that is kinda the way i am going with this song. hopefully i can post up a version with my whole band soon so you guys can get the full effect.