Ok i'm new here so ill say hi first. Hi. Basically i've been playing seriously for 3 months ish mabye a little more. I got my first acoustic this summer and started playing until i had calluses deep as the string or my hand got cramped up. The first song i learned was never too late by three days grace. That was 3 days after i started, the chorus took me the longest. I then bought my ibanez GAX70 electric which i love to death. Ever since then i practice at least an 1hour a day, everyday, to 3 or 4. I've never been taught a thing about guitar in person but i feel like i can play a few songs pretty well. I have trouble with strum patterns mostly so choruses tend to be understandably hard for me. I've learned how to play some rifts like Say it aint so and Scar tissue/Tell me baby and solo's from One(the opening one) and the ones from dream on. However, i feel like i could use some advice on theory and fundamental training because i dont like feeling so weak in those areas. Ive learned most of my Skills by playing songs and working on rifts so i want more exercises in my schedule. Right now my schedule is too hecktic to pencil in lessons so i practice when I'm at home after school but that time can be anywhere from 4-8pm so scheduling lessons is hard. (basketball/sports and stuff) i really want to know how i can get better fundamentally and technically from here and expand into expression and musical understanding.
learn some basic theory, and start learning your pentatonic scales.
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