I'm recently buying an ESP M-II with maple neck and alder body and I've been thinking about replacing the orignal pups.
From what I've heard 59' in the neck is used mostly for jazz and generaly lighter music and JB is basically a mahogany guitar pickup so it sounds harsch and ear-hurting.
I've heard a lot of good stuff about SD Blackouts but I am a bit versatile player=> I play Malmsteen, Vai, Satch, Gilbert, Gary Moore and I'd like to have that screaming tone of Malmsteen on my guitar.
I wouldn't stand having a death-metalish guitar suitable only to play Children of Bodom, Behemoth or any other hard/death/underground metal.
I outcuded DiMarzios as they sound dull and lifeless to me in every configuration.
That leaves me with Seymour Duncan.
Which one would you adive me to choose?
I want an accurate, cutting and powerful solos and riffs (Symphony X, sometimes Dragonforce, Metallica) but I want to be able to squeze some classic rock/metal out of them aswell=>Motorhead, Malmsteen, Iron Maiden, Judas Priest.
Which pickups from Seymour Duncan shall I choose than?
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They do produce a very cutting sound and are much less processed sounding than EMG but the clean channel has absolutely no warmth (that I can get anyway) and the neck pickup is a bit unhelpful. Also they are very sensitive. I find them overly sensitive.

They are good pickups just make sure you get what you're buying
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What amp are you using?
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At the moment Roland Cube 60 but I'm hitting soon on a good tube amp or a tube combo.
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