My girlfriend's birthday is coming up soon, what should I get her? I'm thinking as a basic thing there's a little card-type-thingy, a little box of chocolates and something nice.
Any ideas? Thank you all in advance.
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Seriously, my Mom watches it. It's a shopping channel on sky where they sell really nice rings for stupidly cheap prices. I believe they have a website somewhere.
include the lyrics of a song you wrote for her and a promise to play them for her sometime.

of course thats only if you have been going out with her six or more months.
dude i found the best present ever, its the Mullet edition of top trumps

good for 2 reasons, 1 everyone loves top trumps

2: everyone loves a mullet
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at long f*cking last... a decent compliment

Buy her a big box of

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nice watch?
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I just made 50 papers with 'happy birthday' and 50 with 'I <3 you'
and I hung em up on the way she rides to school. she LOVED it

so did all the rest of the girls in my school


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Buy her a big box of


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Take her some place special. Like the Safari Zone

While you're there you could go fishing with a really special rod and maybe catch a Dratini.
Now why the hell would strangers on the internet - the pit no less - know what you should buy your girlfriend? Unless you have a malignant brain tumor you should go to the mall and find something she'll like.

Edit^: There's no Dratini's in the Safari Zone and it's called a Super Rod. Jeez!
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While you're there you could go fishing with a really special rod and maybe catch a Dratini.

and when he says special rod he really means......*giggidy*

a master rod
Take a card and write some lyrics of Slipknot songs...lol

emm, a card and a bear with a heart on his belly??
This or this
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