Poll: Band name ideas - which is best?
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7 13%
Road Pirates
4 7%
Ninja Seven
6 11%
15 27%
10 18%
Your own suggestion (please post in thread)
13 24%
Voters: 55.
I'm in an acoustic duo (I play guitar, other guy sings) and we're recording a demo on Sunday and we need a name. We've brainstormed a few ideas but we're not sure how good / crap they are. So please vote on the poll which one you think sounds best, and any random suggestions are very very welcome.

We need a somewhat serious name, it can be a bit wacky but nothing obscene or over the top.

Attempts at humour are great but names which we could realistically use are appreciated too, that's to whoever suggests we call ourself Cannibal Corpse v2.

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Be a Rick Astley cover band and be called The Rolling Ricks.
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I should've seen that one coming from miles away.

I vote Denacious T.......or something. Maybe GNARR KILL. I dunno man, the ones in the poll aren't that great. I'll post once I can think of something good.
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Doduo makes more sense.

hahaahaha, wow i thought it was funny the first time i looked at it.....

im slow.....
Call yourself Bloodcum.

Seriously though, everything with road in it sounds corny, gay or both. Sharpsand is kind of neat, though it sounds rather meaningless. Maybe Mercenartists, if you're into the whole on-the-road-scoring-jobs kind of thing.
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That name has been TAKEN!!! Or did they split up?

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Those are a bunch of crappy names.

Blood Soaked Sand
Angel Blade
Black Gate
Fencer of Minerva
Lunatic Night
Orchid Emblem
Black Magic Rose

Edit: Oh, an acoustic duo? Never mind my suggestions then.
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Good idea is to two random icons on your computer desktop and see how that works. Runaway Thunderbirds for example.
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wow, all those names suck.

that's why we're asking for suggestions :P
Anything which sounds smart but is actually just two or more random words put together to make a sensible sentence: Scratched Cd, Dead Flies, The Major Phone Strike, Pirate Radio (don't use this one pls I wanna use it for a song name now that I think of it), and so on. From the above I would Prefer Dead Flies.
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Quote by Trefellin
Those are a bunch of crappy names.

Blood Soaked Sand
Angel Blade
Black Gate
Fencer of Minerva
Lunatic Night
Orchid Emblem
Black Magic Rose

Edit: Oh, an acoustic duo? Never mind my suggestions then.

Im pretty sure angel blade is a porn, not that I would know or anything.
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Summer's Autumn? That makes sense...

Yeah I know, lol it makes no sense. But it has a nice ring to it.

Think of it as that transitional period between summer and fall. Or a season some chick named Summer owns, I don't know.
I don't know man. I'm thinking you be the Sticky Bandits. Kinda like Harry and Marv from home alone? It makes sense to me.
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Promote YOUR band.

go there, nao.
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