Hey, this is an other song... and its always the same; my english...
please help me to correct this song text!
thanks for help


You’re not paranoid,
The beasts can see you.
They are everywhere,
And can see what you do.

They will hunt you,
So long as the night goes on.
And all you can do,
Run away and run on.


Run for your life,
Don’t try to fight
Oh, No run for your life!!!


Cos, you’re in the forest of darkness,
And the beasts are everywhere,
Yeah, you’re in the forest of darkness,
And you run for your life,
In the forest of darkness


This is not a horror show,
No no it’s really true.
Than this forest is damned,
And the beasts hunt only you.

Trust you the forest,
The dark forest of hell.
Do not try it,
I can you already tell.

You will…


slow part:

Yeah when the sun goes down
And the trees are walking
When the beasts wake up
And the night is talking
the forest will kill you
And all you can do
Is run for you life
Runaway from the knifes