Any song you want to learn really. Maybe write your own song with tapping in it.

But don't play songs just because they have a technique in them; yeah sure, play some songs that you like which have tapping in them, but I'm sure there's many another songs that you like that would be fun to play.
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The intro for Building the Church by Steve Vai

Midnight and the tapping section of Satch Boogie both by Joe Satriani
Quote by tbrown8890
I love double tapping...whats a new song I could learn?

I think you should try 'Eruption' and 'Hot For Teacher'.
its one thing to be able to double tap in a song thats written, you just learn it from the tab or whatever, what you should do when your a little more confident with taps is try to incorporate it into your improvised stuff, learn the technique in different places on the neck, mix them up a bit and practice going from technique to technique i.e. shred runs into tapping, tapping into shred runs, sweeping into tapping . . . . .

then move on to stuff like this


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