Hi Guys

Im selling brand new Boss Clone effects pedals, apparently the made in the same factory as boss pedals and they're very similiar, the specs are exactly the same for the equivalent boss pedals, and they have the same knob layouts, features, and sound quality as well (ive checked), There made out of solid metal and the batterey goes underneath the footswitch just like a boss, so basically your getting a boss pedal for a good bit cheaper (havent got exact prices yet because Im gonna have to pay custom duty and im not sure what it will be yet)

The ones I am getting are equivalent to the following

AC-3 Acoustic Simulator
Ch-1 Super Chorus
CS-3: Compression Sustainer
CED-3 Bass Chorus
DD-6 Digital Delay
GE-7 Graphic Equalizer
GEB-7 Bass Equalizer
OBD- Bass Overdrive
MT-2 Metal Zone Disortion
MD-2 - Mega Distortion
RV-5 Digital Reverb

If anyone is interested contact me on the pm and i can you some more info/ pics/prices etc.

And you just joined this month. Wow this sounds really sketchy.
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Up to you guys.I can't guarantee anything.

Pics and price are required here.
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