near the bottom of the page, from where it says 'Pibloktoq (Greenland Intuits)' to what it says about 'Wild pig syndrome (Gururumba, New Guinea)'

Is this guy serious?! That has got to be a damn joke to write something like that. What the hell?
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Latah (Malaysia): Affecting middle aged women, an exaggerated startle reflex, outbursts of profanity and disposition to repeat whatever they hear.

Pibloktoq (Greenland Intuits): A fear causing sufferers to scream, tear off their clothing, break things, eat feces before collapsing into seizures, followed by deep sleep and loss of memory of the incident, (Yap 1974 cited in Prinz 2004: 135). Cf. amok in Malaysia and phii bod in Thailand. (Simons and Hughes 1993 cited in Prinz 2004: 136).

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Witiko/Windigo (Algonquin Indians): A fear that one has been transformed into a cannibalistic monster, (Trimble, Monson, Dinges & Medicine 1984, cited in Prinz 2004: 135).
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