Hey Guys, i was wondering what good songs are out there that i can play on my guitar.
I barely started and i want to learn awesome songs that will definitely get the ladies
if you want to get the ladies just play paramore, my chemical romance and 30 seconds to mars. they tend to get really impressed by those easy songs, trust me
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well i mean it might not get the ladies but it impresses musicians =P
you know.. that feeling of satisfaction
i meant i want songs that will give you a feeling of self-achievement LOL
i didnt mean to add on the what the other guy said
Umm... technical stuff? Solos. Betcha Can't Play This is good for shreddy stuff.

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just play songs that you personally like. just cause i can play a riff doesnt mean it impresses me, especially if i dont like the song/band.

take the songs "say it aint so" and "no one else" by weezer. these are not by any means difficult songs, but when i play them i feel amazing. same feeling when i play barenaked ladies songs.