Both are pretty terrible i believe.
Is a G-400 out of you're budget?
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Both are pretty terrible i believe.

I wouldn't say they are terrible. They're good for what they are: Cheap starter guitars. I actually have an Epi LP-100. It was my very first guitar and I absolutely loved it (still do actually). It felt good, it played good, and at the time it sounded good to me. Now obviously my eyes have been opened and it's driftwood compared to the gear I have now, but at the time it was great. I don't even want to sell it truthfully. I want to keep it around for the sentimental value.

As for which to get, the LP-100 of SG Special, I think it's pretty much up to which one YOU like better. They are both very low end guitars and are probably of similar quality.
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go used, those arent good, you might as well buy a hello kitty strat
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if you bump your budget up enough for a G-400, you won't need to upgrade for a few years. i've used mine for close to 4 i think, and it still plays great. of course i am wanting to get a new guitar for metal and shreddish stuff...but my G-400 is the go-to axe for hard rock and classic rock/blues.
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