now that I have a chromatic tuner i decided to experiment with some alternate tunings. I have put my acoustic in open E and would really quite like to try out a slide, when looking on the internet i found that there is more than one type of slide, with brass, glass, and steel in various shapes too.
i have no idea what any of this means and what difference they make so any help would be very welcome!
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i use dunlop glass slides cause the give more of a clean slide form modern type stuff
metal slides give a kina hissy thing like old school blues
it all depends on your prefrance so try experimenting with different slides
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I say get a bottleneck slide. Metal ones sound kinda harsh, like a dobro/resonator slide. Glass bottleneck ones sound more warm, more like a lap-steel would. Id go with a glass one myslef, but try both if you can.