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crybaby ffomr hell
5 28%
zakk wylde wah
5 28%
whippin demon
8 44%
Voters: 18.
Yeah im after a wah and im thinking of getting one of the fallowing...

Dimebag Crybaby from hell:I think that this one wont provide that much wah, but i dont know about this pedal that much.BTW is it like the farther down you step on it more wah it uses or is it only on off?

Dunlop Zakk wylde wah: Im afraid this one will have way to much wah. Same question as above regarding activation

Ibanez Whippin Demon: My friend has it and its decent.
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I have a Demon and I think it kicks my friend's crybaby ass. Get the Demon it is a sick wah.

its settings are all adjustable and you can get just the sound you are looking for from it. the pedal is also adjustable so you can have it on a spring to turn it off when you dont put your foot down, or have it stay where you leave it.
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get a vox original crybaby,kirk hammet uses it,and i think all wahs use more wah when u step, less when u let it back up,atleats my 3 do
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Weeping Demon

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Ultimate wah thread.
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it all depends on the level of wah your looking for
i like the demons for the nearly endless amount of possibilitys it has but i prefer the feel of a cry baby under my foot
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If your looking at the big Weeping Demon, with the seperate footswitch and all the adjustable spots, i say go for that one. But I have heard the CFH has a wider sweep than most, and should give you a good amount of wah. Check out a live video of Coheed and Cambria's Ten Speed to get a kind of sample of what it can do.
im trying the weepin demon this friday
Morpheus Droptune
Ibanez Weeping Demon
Bugera 333xl 212
weeping demon is good i have it, very versatile, can do high gain or cleans if adjusted correctly. zw wah is crap imo, trebly harsh annoying sweep. try them all before deciding and look at the ultimate wah thread
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