Ha, Im like one of the biggest coheed fans you meet. i play alot of their music. im getting the dragonfly tattooed on me and all.

no im not obsessed they inspired me to start playing music so i have a lot of respect for them.

if you like, name your top 5 songs from them

1. Faint of Hearts (acoustic)
2. The Crowing
3. Delirium Trigger
4. Everything Evil
5. Wake Up
jesus apart from the list your me! i too am getting the 2nd stage dragonfly haha, but this probably belongs in the C&C thread.

Edit: fine then lol

1. The Crowing
2. God Send Conspirator
3. Backend of Forever VC2
4. Mother Superior
5. Junesong Provision
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1.in keeping secrets
2.faint of hearts
3.willing well 3
4.cuts marked in the march of men
5.the end complete
yea those are my favs
1. The Light & The Glass
2. No World For Tomorrow
3. Delerium Trigger
4. Time Consumer
5. In Keeping Secrets
There is a C&C thread but this looks fun.

1: Al the Killer.
2:The Road & the Damned.
3:Wake Up.
4:Always & Never.

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This changes all the time, but at the moment these are my top 5:

1. The Final Cut
2. No World For Tomorrow
3. In Keeping Secrets
4. A Favor House Atlantic
5. Once Upon Your Dead Body
At the moment:

1. Time Consumer
2. Feathers
3. The Hound of Blood & Rank
4. The Crowing
5. Faint of Hearts
1. A Favor House Atlantic
2. The Light and The Glass
3. Three Evils
4. Ten Speed
5. Feathers (Glitch Mob Remix)
even though theres a c&c thread

1 Devil In Jersey City
2 A Favor House Atlantic
3 Feathers
4 The Road & The Damned
5 Ten Speed (of gods blood and burial)

I also like their cover of Night Ranger's Sister Christian
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If you were a true fan, you'd know that there's already a thread.
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