Id be able to get the fender for 800 virtually new or the Marshall for about a hundred or so less. I want to be able to play ska and blues and use my CryBaby a bunch so I feel like the fender would be great, but I dont want to sacrifice the deep distortion I get with my boss metal zone pedal and I dont like the fender's dirty channel as much as the Marshall.

Both amps would be good deals, but I wanna see what your guys would do in my shoes.

NOTE: I play a custom '66 Gibson SG Melody Maker with DiMarzio pickups.
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If you prefer your distortion from pedals rather than an amp's dirty channel, I'd go with the Fender - I prefer the full "airy" distortion sound I hear in multi-channel amps set to a dirty channel, that I can never seem to replicate with pedals, so my personal preference will always be the TSL (an awesome amp, by the way).
well I don t have to stay with the pedal, Ive jsut become so accustomed to it but I like the tsl a lot. I just dont know if Id be able to get that classic clean reverb on the marshall that id get out of the fender.
"One good thing about music is when it hits, you feel no pain."
~ Bob Marley
That Fender doesn't sound like other Fenders you might be thinking of. It's pretty sterile. I owned it for a while and ended up selling it. If you want a Fender for around 800, look for a used Deluxe Reverb. It will serve you much better believe me.
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I give up.

I bought the TSL for $600 on ebay. I spent a good 2 hours jamming the fender and I just couldn't justify even $800 for an amp I think would probably not give me as good a dirty tone. I know the TSL wont give me as nice of a clean bluesy tone, but I'll take the compromise for $200 cheaper any day.

I mean come on, can you really go wring with a 2x12 tube Marshall anyway?
"One good thing about music is when it hits, you feel no pain."
~ Bob Marley