i'm getting an epi. valve junior tomorrow, and i have a question, whats the best OD pedal i can buy for it for a range of "crunchy" styles?
I have a jr and I have used a tube screamer and more recently a BBE Green Screamer which I totally love. That will get you everything from SRV to ACDC like tones. I also have a DS-1 for the midrange crunch and that will do everything from AcDc like crunch to 80's metal like tones (think Dokken Ratt) and then I also have a big Muff for all the fuzz stuff. Basically try out some pedals and decide what you like. The Jr. loves pedals and almost anything sounds good in front of it.
the mxr ZW-44 sound great for the heavier stuff. and i wouls also look into an EQ and Reverb.
I personally use a Visual Sound Jekyll and Hyde. It is a combination OD and Distortion. On the Jekyll side (OD) it is like the Ibanez TS-808, which is probably the most sought after OD of all time. On the Hyde side (Distortion) it is similar to the Boss DS-1. The sides can also be run together to provide huge tonal variety. I would highly recommend this pedal. I can do anything from a light boost to full on metal assault.