My high school band have there first gig next thursday and im the lead guitarist we are only doing about 5 songs but we aint recorded any yet so when we practice i jus improvise but for the gig i dont just wanna play on the spot coz ill proberbly mess up or something what should i do???
any help is appreciated
If nobody knows what its supposed to sound like then just play whatever and if its bad say the bassist wrote it.
don't just stand there, i hate it when people do it. Move around, show some emotion, ectt...
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so should i write it out or improvise?

Write it out, that way if you get nervous, you just keep playing what you practiced.
just write out the start of it then after about 20-30 second when you warm up to it a bit try some more improv
^Note: Probably sarcastic
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what structure should i use for the solo
i was thinking something like just play a moderate pace for bar 1 then start to play a lot faster building up to a good speed then bar 3 start to play as fast as possible(not literally) but using repetition and then start to slow it down on bar4 cuming to a slow end to the solo