Last time I replaced my strings, I noticed my high E would come out of tune very easily, but it never has before. It broke fairly quickly at the tuner and when I went to replace it, it broke as soon as I was tuning up. It seems like it isn't actually breaking but just sliding out of the tuner while tuning. my tuners are vintage style tuners, guitar is about 7 years old., never had this problem before
thread the string through the tuner and then bring it round and loop it under the string, so it pinches the string against itself and then tighten the tuner until you have wound string around the tuner and until it is in tune, should work
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maybe you need some nut sauce. also lube your nut on the top of the fret board with either string lube or mark it with a graphite pencil. try puting some lube on the saddles this will ease friction on the string
if it is sliding out of the tuner... you need to wrap the string around the tuner...so it catches another part of the string....

plus you want to wrap it around 3-4 times
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